Tuesday, July 21, 2009

White chocolate and lime muffins (muffins au chocolat blanc et citron vert)


90gr of sugar
180gr of flour
1pack of baking powder
120ml of milk
75 gr of melted butter
zest of a lime
80 gr of white chocolate chips

In pan (Iuse the Kitchen aid )mix your flour sugar ,a baking powder and the zest of the lime .
In another pan add melted butter (let it cool) ,milk and eggs mix them togeter . Then add all this to the first pan .
Pour the dough into a muffin pan then sprinkle with white chocolate chips (u could also add them to the dough
Bake for 15 to 20min until golden (350 degrees F).

you could also use orange and chocolate chips ,Ithink that the taste will be great .
In order to see the pictures better click on them .I apologize my camera does not do good close ups .


  1. le chocolat blanc et le citron vert quel mélange subtil .
    Merci pour le partage