Thursday, December 25, 2008

Kessra (Algerian flat bread)

This a type of bread that reminds me of my childhood when iused to spend the summer vacation with my grandparents .At my mom`s we used eat Baguettes (which i also love) . my mother was a working woman ,she did not know how to make this bread .At my grandparent`s house you could smell Kessra everywhere as women used to make their own daily . To make this bread you needed a specific type of pan named Tagine (It is different from the Marrocan tagines that became so famous) ,the bread would be cooked on something called Tabouna .
These days Women do it on the stove .In Annaba my hometown for the last 10 years or so Kessra is now sold evrywhere ,itis made fresh by bakers ,but nothing replaces that smell that invaded houses .
I always thought that these tradionnal breads were hard to make but iwas wrong ,as now we have the Kitchen aid it takes only few minutes .
Imake mine on the stove of course and i don`t have a Tagine but the result is as good .

500gr de semoule fine
1cac de sel fin
2cas de levure du boulanger
eau tiede
1 petite tasse de beurre fondu (ou d`huile)

Dans le bol du petrin (j`utilise le Kitchen Aid) versez la semoule ,le sel ,la levure (qui a ete diluee dans un peu d`eau tiede).On y verse aussi le beurre ou l`huile et on petrit (enfin le petrin le fait),on ajoute l`eau au fur et a mesure jusqua obtention d`une pate molle qui se decolle des bords du petrin .
On divise la pate e n trois boules de taille identique ,on les applatit a l`aide d`un rouleau a patisserie pour obtenir trois galettes d`une epaisseur de 5mm environ .
On laisse reposer 20 minutes environ ,puis on fait cuire dans une poele ou un plat nomme tajine .Il faut faire cuire de maniere uniforme et ne pas oublier de faire cuire les bords aussi .


  1. ca, j´adore. merci pour la recette

  2. la recette! La recette!