Thursday, December 25, 2008

Recipes to come

I have tons of recipes in my head so iam going to give you a a small list of what`s to come .
leeks quiche (quiche aux poireaux)
mushroom quiche (quiche aux champignons)
Smoked salmon quiche (quiche au suamon fume)
Roquefort quiche (quiche au roquefort)
Shrimp souffle(souffle aux crevettes)
Shrimp Boureks ( shrimp boureks)
Mozarella and tomato tart (Tarte feuilletee Mozarella et tomates)
Gateau marbre (marbled cake )

i think that ihave already lots of work with this .
Ceci nest qu`un apercu mais ca va me donner pasmal de travail .

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