Wednesday, June 17, 2009

party at afriend`s house

c`etait a loccasion d `une soiree bijoux (genre soiree tupperwear ) et l` hotesse a fait de la cuisine italienne (etant dorigine italienne ) .Les pates sont des Penne a la vodka et elle a fait des boulettes de viande (plat tres courants ici chez les italo americains)

Jai fais deux gateaux :un plat de ktayef (dessert algerien aux noix ) et un cheesecake au fromage blanc et aux fruits rouges .

This was a jewelry party at a friend`s house .We were having a Cookie Lee show .
As the hostess was from Italian decent ,she cooked some Italian dishes such as meat balls and Vodka Penne .For dessert there were three cakes ,one was a flan cake (a chololate cake with on top of it a caramelized vanilla flan ) ,a white chcocolate and berry cheescake that I made and the third one was a Middle eastern dessert called Katayef (phylo and hair stuffed with walnuts and honey syrup )

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