Friday, November 28, 2008

Gender discrimination

I dont know if you would agree with me but i think that gender discrimination is still everywhere even when it comes to dating .
A few hours a go I was watching this program on a channel called TLC it is called something like "what not to wear." The show is about trying to dress women who dont know how to enhance their beauty (in other words who dont know how to dress and make up etc...). First the show talks only about women and never shows any men as if us women should be always be satisfied with how our men look. Another thing came to my mind, men are never criticized about how they look and I must say that some men really need a total make over.
So the show is about choosing clothes for single women in order to make them look more suitable to find a date. Why does the show never bring men and dress them??
I remember that once I was dating on the internet and one of the men (he was not the only one unfortunately) who answered my ad said that he was a manager in a big corporation in France (the country of fashion and good taste by the way). He came to meet me and looking at him arriving I almost ran away.
The guy did not even iron his shirt and his pants were as old as myself. Obviously he did not make any effort to attract me (and no need to say that I was not attracted even before talking to him). If it was a woman meeeting a man she would have put on nice clothes, had a manicure, and put some make up on etc... but because it was a man he thought that just the fact that he had something hanging between his leg was enough.
It was not my only bad experience with men I dated on the internet .
Some men came smelling like pigs and it did not seem to bother them. Others would disappear into the bathroom to avoid paying for a drink that barely cost two bucks.
Well women are always expected to be perfect but what about men ??? when would the same thing be expected of them ?????

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