Friday, November 7, 2008

my love for food and cooking

Today is friday and the end of the week .This week was particularly hard for me due to reasons that iwont talk about here .Iam glad the week is over .
Iam always happy to come back to my blog and to post another recipe.
My recipes come from various sources some of them come from my own family of course ,others are from books .
At the age of 13 imade my first meal , I remeber it was fish in a tomato sauce with steamed rice . It was ver y good but my mom was directing the operations ,so iam thankful to her for showing me how to cook .
My mother never liked to cook so she tought me some dishes and relied on me later to cook for the whole family whenever she did not want to do it herself .
My mother cooked very simple dishes that were always very healthy . she always made a point about not cooking oily dishes .
I miss some of her dishes like the Escabeche sardines , garlic chicken ,croquettes of sardines .I appreciated her potato salad too . When i was in elementary school she used t o make us a marble cake (marbre) with real butter of course (no one thought about his cholesterol then ).
he cooking is very mediterranean not particurly north African but it had italian and french influences .
My paternal grand mother was acook ,she was hired to cook for weddings because she made very good traditioannl Algerian dishes .
So this is how i started loving food and cooking .

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